A while back, I received a great gift from my friend Carolyn D’Alessandro. I needed a ‘head shot’ and she took my portrait. Looking at one of the images, I began to fall in love with the person I saw there. She captured an aspect of me I had never seen before. Seeing that changed much for me.

That is exactly what I have as a target with my portrait photography: to show you how beautiful you are. We are so used to wearing masks. We have one for the job, one for friends, one for the partner, one for …… you name it. With all those masks, who are we? What if you could see the true you, be who you really are, despite being in front of the camera? What if you would fall in love with yourself looking at your picture just like I did? Would that interest you?   …….  Or I can take just your standard portrait, if that is something you prefer. I will follow your lead.

If possible, I prefer to have the portrait session in nature where the right light can do wonders. I also take the images in or around your home, if this is your choice. In case of inclement weather, the session can still be outdoors. I would choose an appropriate location where we are covered.